Deceitful Love- Part 34


Part 34

“I am sorry sir, but there aren’t any more room available,” The lady at the recipient told Maan & Geet, and Maan cursed himself mentally for forgetting to call back at this hotel to book another room for Geet.

“Well then make it available” Maan snarled, glaring at her.

“Sir, you don’t understand, most of the room in this hotel has been booked by someone for their relatives who has come to attend his daughter wedding” The lady spoke in the politest voice, though she was getting super mad at this person but then she couldn’t have done anything other than to talk nicely to him to avoid all the unnecessary arguments.

“Maan sir, its ok we can go to another hotel,” Geet said seeing him just getting angry by the passing minute.

“I am sorry ma’am but there isn’t any other hotel nearby. The next one you will find is very far away, like 7 miles away from here” the lady said and then quickly added “If you don’t mind then you can share the room with sir, and we can get you another room as soon as somebody checks out from here”

 Weighing the options Geet decided to take up the offer as it was stupid to leave this hotel to get to another hotel at this hour of night and said “ok we’ll take the room, but please let us know if you get any room”

“sure ma’am,” The lady said and handed the keys to them.

“Chale sir,” Geet said to which Maan nodded and they both left for their room.

“Aap freshen up ho jaiye till then I will order black coffee for you,” Geet said once they both settled well in the room. Maan nodded and left to the washroom to freshen up while Geet order some food to eat and his coffee.

“This stupid Sasha will never learn from her mistakes. Argh, Baba ji why have you made her like this.” Geet self-talking caught her Maan attention. He looked at her for a sec and then at the ceiling at which she was looking at and heard her say “See what she did babaji, pura ka pura sketch kharab kar diya. Now, I will have to sketch everything from the scratch” hearing that Maan walked to her and sat beside her and took the blueprints from her to see what fault she found in it that she needs to resketch and that too when they were to present this the next day. “kya hai” Geet snapped seeing him take the paper from her. Giving her a glare he snatched the paper to see what was wrong here, but as he looked at it, it seemed perfectly fine to him. “theek hi tu hai, what are you cribbing for” He asked, still looking in it.

“What theek hai. Deekhiye tu sari ki sari kitchen windows galat directions main hai” Geet said and pointed toward the kitchen section and said “these windows should be facing away from other apartments but here it’s all facing one another which means the aura of cooked food will pass into one’s another apartment. Which won’t be liked by some people as some people are either pure vegetarian and so they won’t be able to tolerate the smell of any kind of meets”

Understanding her point, Maan looked closely at it and thought how could he miss out on seeing this mistake

“kya huwa, aap kuch bol kyun nahi choking hai” Geet asked seeing him lost.

“you don’t have to re-sketch all this, just make few changes here and there and it will be fine,” Maan said.

“Wo kaise?” Geet asked looking into the blueprint and in the process, she sat closer to him almost brushing her bare arm with his. Feeling her skin on his, Maan instantly looked at her and then at their arms that were now and then brushing against each other causing a shiver run down his spine.

Geet waited before she spoke again, breaking the silence surrounding them both. “boliye na kaise,” and when she looked up at him she couldn’t help but get lost in those brown chocolaty eyes of his that were like those shining stars in the middle of the night. His beautiful eyes not just captivated her, but her soul too; making her forget who she is, or where she is, blocking out others from her mind and leaving her just with the feel of him, his gaze, his smell, and his aura.

She always found it hard to look away from his penetrating eyes, but then she knew it was wrong and so she always forced herself to rip her eyes away from him, from those feelings that seem so wrong to feel but somehow she found it to be the most divine feeling to feel for him and around him.

“aise dekhti rahogi tu tumhe hi muskil hogi,” he said as he caught her staring.

“hun” She spoke in a tone as if she was hypnotized.  He smirked seeing her dazzled look and then fully turned facing her and looked straight into her eyes while his eyes slowly moved down her face and then rested on just above her heart and said “Be aware of this. This heart of yours might betray you, Geet. You may fall out of love with Jai.”

He pulled his hand back only to slide it around her nape and with a jerk pulled her to him and seeing a bit of scowl on her face, he smirked. “don’t blame me afterwards” he said confusing her already confused soul and before she could comprehend the meaning behind those words he placed his lips on her for just a quick peck and he left her, yet with burning sensation.

“Wh-a-t—wh-y…you” she blabbered seething with anger and frustration.

“Warned ya, ” he said teasingly and stood up facing his back to her as his heart started pounding away in his chest. Helplessly, he closed his eyes feeling his emotions growing stronger with each pulse as he wanted nothing more but to feel the soft skin of hers against his lips. He ran his fingers through his hair trying to calm down his heart feeling the swell in his chest with the weight of his emotions.

He cursed himself for his own action for he was left with a wish and a want to feel more of hers. His skin burned with the feel of hers and he wanted to do so many things that he had never thought of doing to her and explore more of hers and pleasure her in ways that she knew not of. He wanted to take her on the highest peak and bring her back only to see her losing herself to him. He just wanted to have her under him with no barriers and have sex with her that neither would know who stopped where and who begin where.

F***! He swore under his breath and left the room to get her out of his mind and those forbidden and naked images of her from his mind, eyes, and hearts.

“Gee—.” His voice seems to fade away into the thin air while his eyes refused to move away from her wet form. Dam this girl! He curses under his breath. Just a while ago he left this damn room to remove the physical tension between them and to clear his mind from hers. And here she was enjoying the Mumbai rain.

Oh, Sweet Lord! How on earth was he to control now seeing her wet form that just revealed the perfect figures and curves of hers? Her dresses looked more like a second skin on her body and it did nothing to help hide those curves’ of her, instead it was more visible and prompt to anyone eyes. He unknowingly as if his legs had gotten a mind of their own walked toward her as if he was under her black or magical spell and before he knew it he felt the first drop of rain fall on him and then another and another until he was fully drenched in rain. Before even he was aware of his own actions, he startled her from behind and before they knew what was happening, he had her backed up against the wall with his whole body pressing against her.

He unknowingly as if his legs had gotten a mind of their own walked toward her as if he was under her Black magic spell and before he knew it he felt the first drop of rain fall on him and then another and another until he was fully drenched in rain. Before even he was aware of his own actions, he startled her from behind and before they knew what was happening, he had her backed up against the wall with his whole body pressing against her.

“Ma-an” a whisper left from her lips staring into those eyes of his filled with lust for her that was instantly closed as soon as she said his name, unknown to her that just by hearing his name from her lips made him feel like he was in heaven. “Maan” She unknowingly said his name yet again only to have him open those eyes that were boring into her soul, searching for heaven only knew what.

“Maan” she begins speaking but only to feel his fingers on her lips. “why are you doing this to me Geet?” he spoke, more in a thwarting voice.

Since the day he has met her, he knew she was special to him, rather very…very special to him that it seemed impossible to think a life without her. But he also knew an ugly truth of hers that she says she is in love with that guy Jai, but every time she is with him all she seems to do is lose herself to him.

“dammit you say you love him, and here you are doing this to me that I am on the verge of making you mine” He spoke and she gasped feeling him pressing her beneath him.

Did her mind register any of his words? He thought, looking into her eyes as she stood there as if she was spell bounded under his gaze and his voice. “Don’t you dare look at me with those eyes of yours” He hissed, bringing his face close to her almost touching his lips with hers.

“don’t” He spoke in a low warning tone as they continue to look into one another’s eyes, one with rage while she with confusion, hurt, and helplessness. He snarled at her through his clenched teeth, tightening his hold around her wrist earning a whimper from her who looked at him with her teary eyes.

“Don’t show me your tears” and all she could think was how can he see her tears even in the rain.

“they speak of lies to me…lies of your life” and with that saying, he harshly pushed her away from him and left from their fuming in anger.

How dare she try to change him? How dare she try to evoke emotion within him that he knew not lived within him? How dare she try to make him live a life that he had long forgotten and gave up on living. How dare she?

Geet went back inside the room, crying her heart out, yet failing to understand why does she always react so differently to him whenever he is around her. Why does he always speak of something that leaves her guilty? Why does he do things to her that is not his right yet its seems like its only his right to do something like this to her, to make her feel of only his touch has all the power to quench her desires. But then puts her on the spot where she is torn between her love and this forbidden feeling. Why does he always make her question herself when it should be her questioning him and his actions, accusing him rather than blaming herself.

She sat near the bed corner crying, still drenched in her dress when her eyes caught the sight of his walking in the room. Seeing him, she tried to control herself and her emotions, but the seethe of rage almost choked her and she at once was standing right in front of him, holding him by the collar of his coat and shook him hard saying “why…why do you always leave me in self-disgust? Why do you always do this to me, where I feel I…I am cheating my jai. Why do you make me feel the thing that is forbidden? Why do you always leave me with questions and self-hatreds? Why?” She screamed pushing him away from her, with tears flowing down her cheek. She then gave him a disgusting look before speaking “Get one thing in your mind Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, I love Jai and I am only his. App ke in sab harkaton se main mere Jai ko nahi kho sakti. Aap chahe kuch bhi karlo, Jai mera hai aur main Jai ki, suna aap ne Jai mujhse pyar karta hai –suna a”— “When did I deny that” he interrupted her, not angrily but quietly.

He unclutched her fingers around his collar that she had held it back in between her talk and stepped away creating a distance between them, yet again leaving her to question no one but herself. He was right! He never said anything like this. All he did was evoke feelings within her that no one else did, not even her Jai. He just came like a beautiful storm to destroy her, not the one you can run away from but to inadvertently chase it.

It saddens him to see her so hurt and pale. She seemed so fragile, so vulnerable. Something within him died to see her like this and an unknown pain shot within him that was so difficult for him to put into words to describe what he felt. Seeing her like that probably just killed him but with a slow death that was slowly killing each and every fiber of his being but yet he was still slowly breathing and it was synced with hers. He so much wanted to go and sooth her pain, but then he wasn’t the one to get emotionally attach to anyone. How could he let emotion rule him when it had once ruined him, given him a life worst than hell to live in. How could he care for someone like her when he was betrayed by his owns. How can he trust her when his trust was broken so brutally? How can he let himself tied with any emotions, feelings when he knew people just likes to play with them only till they’re satisfied and only till their work is done, and afterward, doodh main makkhi ki tarha nikal bahar phenk dete hai. Or worse they ruin your whole life by framing you in false crimes like rape, drugs, murder, molestation, kidnapping, and just about in any way that they can?

And just like that, he left her yet again without comforting her, without healing her pain, without lending his shoulder to cry on. While she just stared at his retreating figure. “Kyun…why does all this have happened in the first place when we are alone. Kyun yeh sab har bar hota hai…why can’t I control myself with him being around me. Aakhir kya hai usmain jo mujhe uski taraf keech ta hai, Babaji” She cried, screaming falling on to her knees. “Main sirf jai se pyar karti hoon. Suna aap ne…I only love my jai” She screamed looking out and up at the open darkish night sky. “Mujhe mere Jai se koi dur nahi kar sakta…aap bhi nahi Baba ji…aap bhi nahi” she mumbled to no one as she warped her hands around her knees sat resting her head on it. there was an unknown fear visible in her voice, that she didn’t know of but something within her told that whatever was happening will take her jai away from her. An unknown fear engulfed her as she felt an unknown storm was ahead, waited for her.

The next day both came face to face during their meeting and did their best to avoid each other’s gaze, keeping a great distance between them. It was like they were two stranger who never met before today and so they engrossed themselves into their respective work,  which took more than half of the day to finish their meeting.

“You can go back. You are no longer required here”

She looked up at him and then looked around the whole conference room to see if anyone else was left beside them. Spotting no one else other than them, she knew that order was for her, but she said nothing. As he picked up his important papers and placed them in a folder, she just sat there staring at him, blankly.

“if she wasn’t needed here, then why did he bought her here in the first place” Her mind questioned, yet she kept quiet waiting to hear more from him.

“I have confirmed your ticket, Adi will drop you to the airport” and that was it, she just lost all her control. She stood almost pushing the chair to the ground and marched toward him and harshly spun him facing her and placed a tight slap on his face.

“how dare you,” Maan said through his clenched teeth, while a hand rested on the cheek where she just slapped him.

“Aap khud ko samajhte kya ho. Jab dil kya mujhe khilona samajh ke khela aur phir phek diya” she said.

“Geeet,” He said sternly, thinking does she realizes what she is saying.

“Bas,” She said showing him her hand, silencing him and then added “learn to be professional sir. I came here for work, not to pleasure you…so dare you to tell me if I am required here or not. Bus since you insist I leave from here then I will go” with that saying she just left from there to the airport straightaway and asked the hotel manager to send in her luggage.


“Meer—sorry I mean Meera”

“Why now?” just a small question her heart asked, while she stood in front of him with her face stilled, barren and devoid of any emotions at all.

“I know—no, in fact, I have done grave sin by forcing you to be with me. But now that I have realized my mistakes and that you will never love me back like the way I do. I think it’s best for both of us to part away. I- c-can never see you in pain Meera. I know I had become selfish and for my happiness I kept you captivated here with me even when I knew bro was wrong – I was wrong – it was totally unfair on your part to have you kept bondage like this without your wills” Dev said, as he stood with his back facing her.

Hurt consumed her features, but she masked her emotions within a second and asked “So now”

He turned facing her hearing that and with a sad smile, he said “Goodbye Meera. And don’t you worry, Bahi won’t harm anyone of your family members. You’re free to live your life the way you have always dreamt of –without me –without a handicap person” he mumbled the last part, but loud enough for her to hear causing her to fist her hands into a tight ball, but then replacing all and any sadness and emotions with a big smile on her face she said “So this is it. Well, I hope you have a life filled with happiness and with the one whom you love truly” With that saying she turned her back without wasting even a second and walked out, for she could no longer hold her tears and like the wind, she was out of his sight.

“I am sorry” – “where are you going at this hour of the day,” Geet asked Meera, ignoring her sorry.

“Dev said I am free to leave him and live my life the way I want too. So, I am going from his life forever” she replied and then ran away, covering her mouth with dupatta trying to stifle her cries.

“Daadiiii” Geet ran back in the mansion calling for her.

“Daadi aap kahan ho” She called out again and this time she saw Dev coming out of his room, limping. Seeing him just made her angrier and said: “What have you told her exactly?”

“Told who, Geet,” He asked, as he tried to climb down the stair as fast as he could.

“Meera…she left from here crying,” Geet said.

“I told her she is free to go and live her life” Dev replied.

“Geet Beta…aap yehan… weren’t you suppose to be in Mumbai with Maan,” Daadi asked.

“Haan, but that grandson of yours didn’t want me there so I came back last night” she hissed through her clenched teeth and after a pause asked “Daadi do you have any idea of where Meera left”

“No Beta, she was here a while ago,” Daadi said then turned to Dev and said “Dev do you know where she is”

“She left from here” Geet answer. “I am sure she have left from here but only to die Daadi” and all she heard was them gasp in shock.

“but—that’s not true. She woul- she would never do such a thing like this Geet” Dev said as wrinkles of surprise appeared on his forehead. Geet just gave him a look of disgust, and walked away telling Daadi “I am going out to look for her, meanwhile you send some guards to look for her too”


“Meera –Meera stop. What are you doing?” Geet screamed in horror seeing her stand on the edge of the cliff.

Leaving KM, she had straight gone to Meera parents home hoping to find her or about her from her father and sister and when she reached she was told by her sister that she had left from their just about 10 minutes ago. She looked gloomy and pale but she shrugged it off her sister worry by saying it was due to her work pressure. After bidding she just left without saying of her next visit to them.

Geet too went in the direction told by Meera sister, but then there were few separated roads that went into three different ways. So, upon asking people who were there she found out by some people that she had gone toward the cliff ways where people mostly hanged out with their friends. And so she just came as soon as she could only to see her stand at the edge of the cliff with her hand on her stomach. By her standing poster, Geet understood that she was probably pregnant with Dev’s child.

“Meera please don’t do anything stupid. At least think about your baby” Geet screamed running toward her as Meera turned and faced her. For a while she stood still and just stared at Geet, who was now just walking toward her and then after a moment she broke her silence “aab mere zinda rehne ka koi matlab nahi…koi maqsad nahi hai Geet”

“please don’t say like this. You have a reason to live for Meera, your baby. What more do you need?” Geet said, taking a slow step and getting closer to her. She didn’t want Meera to panic and then take some hasty decision so she decided to engage her in the talk while she moved closer to her.

“he doesn’t want it, tu main kya karun Geet. Kitni badnaseeb ho na main when I didn’t want to love him and be with him, he and his brother forced me to stay with him and love him.” She said, blinking hard against the sting of tears in her eyes. “Now when I do love him he says I am free to go and live my life without him. Bin uske tu aab main ek pal saans bhi nahi lesakti and here he tells me I am free to live my life without him” She said giving her a smile, but the pain was still in her eyes

“Wo pagal ho gaya hai. He doesn’t know what he is saying, but I will make him understand but you please step down from their” Geet said.

“Noooo” Meera screamed and turned her back to Geet once again and was just about to jump down the cliff when Geet held her hand and pulled her back with such a force that they both fell down on the ground hurting themselves.

Standing up, she helped Meera stand up but soon slapped her saying “have you lost your mind or what?” hearing that Meera just broke into tears and hugged her saying “main kisi ko muh dekhane ke layak nahi rahi Geet. I am tainted, Geet. I am pregnant out of wedlock and do you know what it means for me and my family.” Geet just looked at her with her teary eyes. What could she say to her to lessen her pain. Anything she says won’t do any good to her. So, she decided to stay quiet as Meera talked, rather poured out her heart to her as she said “In the eyes of this world I am nothing but just a keep of Dev Khurana, Geet”

“Meera, please don’t say like this” Geet heart cried hearing those words from her mouth. “you aren’t”

“That’s the truth of my life Geet. First, he and his brother threatened me and kept me in their house and you know what the so-called society of ours started saying. They tagged me with the word like a who** and keep. Neither I or my father could shut the mouth of those people because for them I was earning money like this to feed my family, which unfortunately is true. But they don’t know the truth that like them I worked hard to earn every bit of the penny. Even now when I walk pass by them they talk behind my back, calling me Dev keep and now when I am pregnant they will call my baby illegitimate child of his. Aur is-se pahle log mere bache ke najayaz kahe mera use mar-dalna hi acha hai Geet. Mere liye, Dev ke liye aur hamare bache ke liye”

“He loves you Meera” Geet said after a brief moment of silence. This truth, even she can’t deny of Dev. He loved this girl immensely…

“He doesn’t” Meera snapped back and anger. “If he had loved me he wouldn’t have asked me to leave him. He wouldn’t have said that I am free to live my own life”

“He said that only for your happiness Meera. He just wanted you to live your life happily” Geet said.

“no that’s not true…if he knew where my happiness lies than he wouldn’t have said all that” Meera said.

“he only said it because of me Meera,” Geet said and then added “Remember the UK incident where he was shot…I shouted at him and said that his love for you was nothing but just pain for you…I called his love “saza” for you…I am so sorry Meera. It’s all my fault that he took this decision”

“ye kya kar diya tumne Geet” Meera cried, as tears endlessly fell out her eyes. “w-wo…he is not that strong Geet. H-He loves me and I love him too…but its just that my fear doesn’t let me express my love for him” Meera said, crying.

Hearing her, Geet went toward her and hugged her saying “I know…I know he loves you and now I know you love him…bu-but then why this step Meera. You could have just shared your fear with him, ye sab karne ki kya zarorat thi. Do you realize if I was even a second late your Dev would have died along with you and then…then Maa-”and she felt her voice choke with an unknown emotion just with the thought of him. Geet’s eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t possibly have said that for him forget thinking of anything bad happening to him. But why?

She was angry at him, wasn’t she? Then why was she getting worried for him? Why couldn’t she think bad for him? Why didn’t she wanted him to suffer? Why was she wanting to pray to Her babaji to keep him safe forever and give him a long healthy life to live. Why she suddenly wanted to pray to her Babaji for his happiness and for all his dreams and his desires to be fulfilled. Why all of a sudden she wants all the world happiness just for him and no sorrow to ever even touch his shadow? Why?

She had no answers to all that. So, pushing all thoughts from her mind, she decided fully focused on Meera and said “I am sorry for whatever happened to you because of me, but now we are going back home and talking about your marriage with Dev”

“No” Meera replied, as she turned to face Geet, and saw her looking at her with a shock expression. “he won’t marry me” She added seeing that expression on Geet face.

“Did I ask you about it Meera” Geet questioned instead, giving her angry glares.

“No, but I know him” Meera replied.

“why don’t you leave everything on me now, Meera. Waise bhi me and Daadi were planning to talk to you about your marriage once I was to return from Mumbai”

“What…when,” Meera asked.

“Oh, Daadi noticed you being sad and then that invisible distant between you two, but then I had told Daadi that we will only talk to Dev if you agree to marry him and not a forceful marriage. And now that you have expressed your feelings for him to me…I will start doing the marriage prep” Geet said.

“you think he will agree,” Meera asked.

“I don’t see any reason for him to deny in the first place. I am sure he would ecstatic to hear this news and not forget the news of him becoming a father”

Hearing that Meera blushed, but then made a puppy face seeing Geet angry face as she said angrily “but first we are going back home”

“Oh boy!” She is in a very big trouble. “can you please not tell about all this to anyone” She looked down as she said this.

“it’s too late for that now…I told them that you probably left the house with the intention of suicide.”

“Argh…Geet…what am I to do now” Meera said, rather furiously.

“umm…will make up an excuse but for now let’s go…we don’t want to be any late otherwise, that lover of yours will send army full of soldiers to look for you” with that they both chuckled and then they left for home…