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Part 35

She sat surrounded by the decorations pieces, yet she was lost in her own thoughts seeing Dev and Meera. The love birds were finally expressing their feelings openly. One can surely say that Meera was in love. Madly…madly in love with Dev. While he, he was loving the new phase of his life. Enjoying each and every moment of the parenthood, and she just loved watching them express their love to one another. Loved watching them express their love to one another without any fear, any hesitance, or without any holding back.

Although, she loved every moment that she witnessed of their, but their love was something that always left her with a want to be loved by Jai.

Knowing him and his dreams, she had always understood him…gave him his space and left him to fulfill his dreams, but now…now everything between them seems to have changed…everything between them seems to fall apart. Something that she never thought she would ever get to witness. A side of Jai that she never knew existed within him. Since their childhood, she always knew him as a loving and a happy go lucky person, but now…he has turned into a person whom she doesn’t know. An angry, rude, arrogant, and egoist person he has turned into that she never knew of. She was now fearing to wait for his dream to fulfill. She was now fearing that if she doesn’t express her love to him now then she would never be able to do it. A fear started growing inside her. The fear of Jai going far away from her. She was willing to wait for him, but now with everything going wrong between them was now scared to death. Their relationship was going nowhere…he no longer seems to be her old friend.

More than a month have passed by to his accident, and yet he continues to hold grudges against her for working in KC. Even upon questioning him the reason behind his disapproval, he spoke nothing. Even knowing the situations of their house, he disapproved her of paying off the debts to the people. Even knowing he is not in the conditions to work and pay them, he refuses to take her help. They even had a quiet big argument regarding this, but it still had no effect on him. He was simply not sorry for any of his behaviors or actions. And all this indifferences and arguments and fights started creating big distance between them that now they aren’t even on the talking terms like their olden days.


“Geet” she was so deep in thoughts that even the soft voice of Meera made her jump out of her skin.

“Geet” She looks up only to see him stand beside her with a file in his hand.

Seeing him only reminded her of the days she fought against him, against her, and just about everything. 

Why? Because at work, life was not easy either for her. After the Mumbai fiasco, she kept her distance with Maan. She did everything she could to not get swayed with his charisma or him. No denying, she still hasn’t understood the reason behind her behaviors with him. No matter what she did, nothing seems to make sense to her. All she knew was he was bad for her. All she knew that since the moment he stepped into her life, her life didn’t seem to be hers anymore like she used to live by before he came. All she knew that he was somewhere the cause of this distance between hers and Jai relations and so she did what she thought was best for her… Kept her distance with him.

A month of this new life of hers have passed by, yet she has not been accustomed to live by it. She still continued to hope that the next morning she wakes up all these nightmares will end and disappear, but it didn’t. Each morning was as same as the previous ones or just worse, the only difference was that waqt haaton se raith(sand) ke tarha phisla ja raha tha and she had no control over it.

“Geet, kya huwa…” she looked away from him, feeling a nudge on her shoulder by Dev who said “Bahi is saying something” and all she did was look back at him, unmindfully.

She never bothered asking what he was saying. All she did was, she silently took the file he had forwarded to her and kept it aside, but she couldn’t tear her gaze away from him. His eyes…held so many things that he probably wanted to ask her or wanted to say but her coldness attitude kept him away from saying anything, and she knew this very well.

Taking a deep breath, she tore her gaze away from his and as if his presence didn’t matter to her or so she thought as that, she spoke, yet very rudely “I want you both to finalize everything you want for your wedding by tomorrow,  Dev” as she said that, she could see from the corner of her eyes that he had turned his back to her and was on his to maybe his room, but stopped at the staircase hearing Dev who said “even if we finalize, nothing will go according to ours selected templates as I won’t know much about it…so I would say go and ask him about it…otherwise, you will have to redo everything” hearing that Maan chuckled and waited for to hear her answer who in a very cold voice said “Never…I will give you time till tomorrow…select one of these or I do everything accordingly to my likeness”

Dev- think again Geet. Why do you want to trouble yourself again and again? Just go and ask him?

Geet- Why should I go and ask him…for god sake, it’s your wedding, not his.

Dev- yeah…but he knows what I want better than I do…ask me about what he wants and I will give you all the list of what he likes and doesn’t likes.

Geet- have you two switched your soul or what…

Dev- no we just love each other so much that we know about what the other person like.

Geet- argh…I am not going to him and asking all these…tell him to write down everything he wants in your wedding and hand it to me tomorrow.

Dev- why…have two fought again?

“Shut up Dev…that’s none of your business” Geet snapped back at him very rudely, which she was aware of too, but she didn’t care about it.

She hated it how every time they bought his name and always tried to push her to go to him. She hated that fact that when she was trying so hard to stay away from him, someone or the other is always telling her to go to him for this or that work. Argh…she doesn’t want to go anywhere near him. Why doesn’t anyone understand this part.


While in the back, Maan clutched his hand into a fist for the tone she used to talk to his brother and at once marched to her and held her by her wrist and started dragging her to his room, while she struggled and screamed at him for him to let go of her, but he paid no heed to her plea.

“What the hell is your problem?” He screamed pushing her roughly in his room.

“You” Geet furiously shouted back.

“Come again,” Maan asked.

Haring him, she stood lost in her own thought with tears threatening to fall from her eyes, but she willed them not to. 

She wasn’t going to cry in front of this man. She wasn’t going to cry in front of him this time and blame him for everything that goes wrong in her life. She thought Maan to be the reasons for her problems and the distance between hers and Jai, but in reality and the truth was that she knew Maan wasn’t at fault. He had nothing to do with anything. It was her who was not being faithful to Jai. It was them not giving each other the time they needed. And she can’t even blame Jai for his ignorance toward her and how much he is hurting her unknowingly as it was her who never confessed her love to Jai, therefore Jai is unaware of her feelings. And Maan…He was, is, and will never be a part of her life that he would affect her or that he would be the cause of her problems. And so without saying anything, she started walking away from him, but only to be stopped by him. She fought to release her wrist from his clutch, but the hold only tightened around her wrist. “let go sir” Geet said.

“What is it?”

“leave my hand sir”

“not until I know what is going on with you? Why are you behaving so weirdly with everyone? Do you realize what you did downstairs?”

“let go, sir. Please”


“I am not bound to give you any answer. Now let go of my hand”

“Fine,” he said releasing her hand but not before adding “come at ten o’clock sharp”


“you will know…now you ma-.” before he could finish his saying, he was interrupted by a call from Adi. He received the call, while Geet still stood in her place hearing their conversation. (one side conversation)

“Yes, Adi I have selected Sam for this project modeling…Yes I know, don’t worry everything will be taken care of. Yes, I have talked to Sam. She is willing to do this assignment for me. Yeah just have all the papers ready and have her come in tomorrow and go over the papers with her before signing them. Yeah…and don’t forget to include the last portion. Ok, bye”

After cutting the call, he turns only to see her standing at the same place looking at him. “What happened? Why are you still here” he asked? 


“Then leave. I am sure you don’t want to be anywhere near me” he said rudely and Geet just left without saying anything. 


At night:

“when are you joining back,” Geet asked, as she served Jia his dinner.

“from Monday”

“are you sure you are ok to join”

“Haan kyun?”

“nahi, your left-hand plaster is still not removed and the doctor said it will take another one to two weeks,” Geet said, weighing out her words because lately, all he is been doing is just shout at her. Whatever she says, he always ends up making it an argument between them and this has caused very less interaction between them. She knew he was stressed about others things which were really to be worried about such as the people coming and asking for their money, which she has been paying in installments…then his medical and medicine expensive…all these weren’t making his situation any better and on top of it, all these medicines were making him cranky. She was really missing her old Jai, and she so badly wanted things to go back to the way it was before all this happened…before Maan came into her life, but as much as she tried, nothing was going according to her wishfulness.

She didn’t know who to curse, the stupid boss of Jai’s who offered him this deal, or the circumstances in which they were all trapped in. She was clueless as to what to do. She knew for a fact that Jai disapproved her of working in KC, again reasons unknown. She knew they were in a problem that would take them probably their entire life to come out of. And she knew that hers and Jai relationships were going nowhere. She didn’t know why she was afraid of expressing her love to him, but something always stopped her from doing so. Maybe she knew his dreams, that always stopped her from bonding him into a relations ship She knew he won’t settle down with a girl unless he makes his dream come true, and guess this is what always made her not say that she loves him because his dreams seemed impossible for it to make a reality, but she was willing to wait, wait for eternally.

“where are you joining, KC or the old office,” She asked after a moment.

“why would I join KC,” He said, the irritations in his voice sharp and unmistakable.

“wo-actually” she paused for a bit, not sure of why he was getting annoyed. “you are still a part of the project na, so was wondering if you’re coming to KC or not as most of the workers of your company has moved to KC as it more convenient to work there than the other office.”

“hmm…” he replied taking a morsel, then added “no I’m working from my office”

“ok” she replied and continued having their dinner in silence. Talking in between them seem like a bad idea for her as it always turned into an ugly argument. She so much wanted to ask him for a late night walk but was too afraid to ask seeing his anger.


“Oh, Sam I am so glad you agreed to do this project for me. You know this will be my biggest project in India and I couldn’t have found a better model other than you for it” Maan said over the phone, as he kept spinning the paperweight on the table.

“Maan it is my honor to do something for you,” Sam said.

“I know…for Maan Sam is willing to do anything, hai na”

“Of course baby. So, shall we meet tomorrow” Sam asked, then added, “I want to spend more time with you Maan…like our old days.”

“Yeah sure…sure. Anyway you’re coming to office tomorrow, so once you sign the papers we will go out for lunch”

“oh, really Maan…I love you so much” Sam said.

“umm,” he just replied, like he ever cared. “ok then I will see you tomorrow,” Maan said.

“ok bye,” Sam said and they hung up the phone at the same time.


Then the phone beeped with a new message.  


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