Deceitful Love- Part 26


Part 25

“Gayi bhains paani me” Geet muttered under her breath as she squeezed her eyes shut hearing the kettle dropped down on the floor with a resounding clank.

“oye Geet e ki hoya tenu” Geet heard Shanta aai voice making her reopen her eyes as she smiled meekly at her thinking “babaji, why did you have to send me back to India only when it was a weekend and that too Saturday. Why couldn’t you have sent me on weekdays like Monday, Tuesday or Thursday”

 “Geet maine kuch pocha, mainu javaba de.” Shanta aai asked getting no reply from Geet, who was standing on the doorstep with the help of Adi.

“aaa…shanti aai please hush down, otherwise, bauji will hear you, ” said Geet, hoping and praying that Amardeep didn’t hear the sound of the kettle dropping.

“he is inside, reading the newspaper. Forget all this and tell me what happened to you” She asked as she helped Geet get in the house.

“wo bas gol—” “What happened to you Geet”

“Uncleji, first let me help Geet settle in her room then I will tell you all everything” This time Adi spoke, knowing it might be getting painful for Geet to stand like this.

Amardeep nodded to Adi and then Adi helped Geet settle into her room.

“Now what is all this Geet,” Amardeep asked in concerns.

Adi- wo actually uncle ji Geet was shot.

Hearing him, Amardeep looked at Adi in fear and shock as he repeated the word “shot”

“yes, Uncleji,” said Adi and then he told him everything about how Geet was trying to save Maan’s life and then ended up getting shot herself.

“she is ok na, nothing to worry right,” He asked fearfully, with tears glistening in his eyes.

“bauji, I am perfectly fine,” Geet said, this time, knowing he was scared for her. “trust me bauji, your beti is fine” She repeated.

“Geet, you take rest now I have to leave now. Have some very important works to look into” Aid said.

Geet- ok Adi sir, and thank you.

Adi- hey, no need of thank you, acha bye. Take care of yourself and yes, you don’t have to come to office until you feel perfectly fine. I will inform the office about you being on leave.

Geet- thanks, Adi sir.

Adi- k bye, TC.

After bidding bye to Geet, Adi straightway went to KC and started coordinating with his men’s in the UK.

Later that night, when Jai came and found about Geet conditions he was in sheer anger. For hours, he just sat in his room cursing Maan for having Geet to go through so much pain and misery.

When he was able to control his anger, he silently walked into her room, where she sat frighteningly. He looked at her with his dark eyes, and she knew that she would have to tell him everything, and thought if just seeing her like this have enraged him this much then what would he do or react upon learning the whole story.

“Jai…wo…I was just” Geet tried to speak up after, but then stopped herself seeing his clenched jaw and tighten fist. “Jai…please I’m fine now…” She said, hoping this would cool him down.

“how did this all happened, Geet? You had gone to the UK for the meeting, then how the hell did you get shot” He shouted.

Hearing him shout, Geet knew she has to tell him everything that she was avoiding to tell him and so she just told him everything about the incident. Maan’s name was enough to raise his anger and boil his blood and in reaction to his emotions, he just knocked down all the stuff she had placed on her dressing table, causing her to jump at her place in fear. “Jai…I—” Geet called out to him, but she stopped as he gave her a looks  so swift and so threatening that her words were caught in her throat and she just reminds quite and watched him strode out of the room in anger.

“I won’t spare you for this Maan Singh Khurana…you will have to pay for putting my Geet’s life in danger” yelled Jai standing on the cliff of a deserted place.


After that night, Jai didn’t talk with Geet, however, he did take great care of her needs. Although, Geet tried all and every possible way to make him talk to her, but he just wouldn’t.

In all this, two weeks went by. Though Geet was perfectly fine, but Amardeep insisted that she stays back for another week and get fully healthy before she rejoins KC. Whereas, Jai had a completely different opinion on her going back to KC. Nevertheless, he never told anyone about his view on this, however, in his mind, something else and very big was going on.

Geet did notice Jai act a bit differently after that night of their talks, but never questioned him.

“Sir…I am trying to make arrangement for it. Please just give me some more time.” said Jai.

***: Jai I can give you only about a month and a half, otherwise we have to consider someone from outside. I have known you for years now and so only I am giving you this offer and a chance to be what you have always wanted to be.

Jai- and I am really very grateful to you for considering me for this offer and that much time is enough for me to make the arrangements.

With that from both sides, the phone got disconnected.

“Geet is that you out there,” Jai said, seeing a shadow outside his room. Walking outside his room, he saw her retreating figure going in Kitchen direction.

“Why didn’t you come inside the room” Jai questioned as he helped her fill the bottle with water.

Geet- I thought you were still angry with me.

Jai- it’s nothing like that.

Geet- sure whatever you say.

Jai- what happened?

Jai asked, seeing her gloomy face.

Geet- nothing.

Jai made her her face him and cupped her face saying “what happened? You know you can tell me”

Geet- same applies to you too. I have been noticing you, you are not being you and have been waiting for you to come and share your problems with me, but no why would you come and share your problems with me. Who am I to you anyway?

Jai- there is nothing like that Geet.

Geet- acha then whom were you talking to this late and sorry for listening to your conversation. I didn’t mean to do that but just couldn’t stop myself hearing your worried and tensed voice.

Jai- Geet it’s very late go to bed.

Seeing him change the topic, Geet just looked at him for a minute or so and then without saying anything further she just walked away from him.

Next morning:

“hey Geet how are you feeling now” Geet stopped at the reception desk hearing Pinky.

Geet- I am fine; you tell how is everything going.

Pinky- everything is going as usual. The same old life. Ghar se job aur job se ghar. No life at all.

Geet starts to giggle hearing Pinky complain and says “waise how has your DD been”

Hearing Maan’s name, pinky eyes suddenly grew huge as she said “don’t even ask about him. Sometimes I really think the name you have given him of Dhust-danav suits him better than the ones we have given him of Dhak-dhak”

Hearing her Geet ears get alerts and instantly asks “kyun kya huwa…what did he do now”

Pinky- poch mat yaar, since the day he has returned from the UK, he has made everyone live a living hell. In fact, he has even fired 10 people in this two week.

Geet- whattttt.

Pinky- yes…Sasha ma’am has got a final verdict, if she doesn’t stop bossing around in KC and starts concentrating on her works, then he will just fire her with any further discussion.

Geet-dekha babaji…maine bola tha na aap ko Ravan bhi is dhust-danav se acha hoga.

Just then Pinky sees Maan entering the Office, and starts to trembles and whispers to Geet saying “Geet jaldi yehan se ja warna if DD sees you here, then we will definitely have to say goodbye to our post in KC” hearing Maan’s name Geet didn’t know why, but she was yearning to see him and so she instantly turned to face the entrance of KC only to see him pass by her.

Seeing him disappear behind the closed doors, Geet makes all kind of faces mumbling “it’s going to be about a month now and still this Khados hasn’t changed a bit even. He was a khados and is still a khados. Didn’t even stop to ask how I am feeling. Argh Geet why do you even care if he asks or not…he is MSK don’t forget this and get back to your work. Pata nahi aaj ka din kaise jayega” with that she left for her cabin.

The minute she settled herself, she was summoned by Maan in his cabin and then the rest of day went by with being busy on arranging meetings, attending meetings with him and working on the projects……

“Sir here are your agendas for today…you have 4 meetings today, one is a lunch meeting at 12 with Miss. Rasika and here are the files for that meeting,” said Geet placing two files on his table.

“Anything else” questioned Maan without moving his eyes from the laptop screen.

“don’t forget about tonight’s party” Geet added.

Maan- umm…

Geet- Sir, you have to also attend a charity fundraising event tomorrow at Delhi University of Angels.

Maan- have Dev attend it.

Geet- but they have personally asked you to come and be the chief guest of this event.

Maan- Geet just do as I am saying and I want no more discussion on this topic.

Geet- but sir

Maan- just do as much as I am saying

Geet- ji sir

And she left his cabin frustrated.

A month has gone by just like this with him working nonstop like a robot and making her also work like she was some type of a machine and not a human.

However, in her office work, she included another major mission in her agenda, which was to figure out this mysterious man. Sad to say, she still hasn’t succeeded in her mission, because the more she tries to figure him inside-out, she would often find herself back from where she started her mission. The only difference would be that a new whole different person in him would be presented to her to be discovered. However, one thing she did find out in this whole month was that he was a cunning person. Thought this was not something new about him as the whole world knows this thing about him. However, as the saying goes “you don’t believe it until you see it” and it was same with her. Seeing it with her own eyes had made her believe in all those rumors she used to hear about him on which she never believed.

“oh I am so sorry” Geet came out her thoughts when suddenly she bumped into her and heard her say in a very soft yet a wobbly voice. “I am so sorry Geet. I didn’t see you” She heard her say once again causing Geet to close her eyes in helplessness.

“Meera i-its perfectly fine and you are not at fault. It was me who wasn’t seeing where I was going and I bumped into you” Geet said as she helped her gathers the papers that were scattered on the floor.

“No-no it was my fault. I should have been more careful” she answered back and Geet knew why and who was she referring to as fear was clearly visible on her face.

“chill Meera its ok,” said Geet, to which Meera just nodded and picking up everything she just walked away.

“babaji please help her get out of this fear, na…” Geet muttered under her breath as she watched her go.

In this one whole month, not for once she saw a smile on her face. The only emotion she saw on her face was fear an unknown fear. Geet had tried her lever best to talk to her, to find what was bothering her, or in general talk about Dev to her, but she just sat mute like a clay statue. Meera would go out and hang out with her and Pinky on Geet insistence, but she never saw her enjoying. The only time she was able to get a glimpse of a small smile on her face was when she had accidently bumped into her sister, Rajji. Who had her own set of questioning for her, like why hasn’t she came to meet them after moving back to India from the UK? Why doesn’t she stay with them at their own home? When will she come to meet their father, and etc.? But there was no answer given to Rajji by Meera. The only reply Meera gave to Rajji was still fresh in her mind and that was “she doesn’t know if she will ever be able to come to their house.”

“Geeet” she heard someone call for her. Shaking her head as if to shake out the thoughts she was having, she turned around only to see the face of the person she would have least wanted to see, after seeing Meera.

“oh, Dev sir…aap do you need anything…” She asked, controlling her anger.

“Geet, please…I have told you so many times to stop calling me, sir,” said Dev, avoiding to look into her eyes.

“I am sorry, sir, but I can’t do that…aur waise bhi what if I hurt you…your brother may punish me just like poor Meera.” replied Geet, her voice carried more than a trace of sarcasm.

“Gee-” Dev began to speak, but he felt a choking sensation in his throat seeing her give him a look of pure disgust.

“Brooo” Dev yelled on top of his lung a moment later, seeing him grab Geet harshly by her arm and turning her to face him and then raises his hand to slap her, but Maan stops himself from hitting her just a few inches away from her face.

“How dare you” Maan spoke through the clenched jaw.

“Bro please…”

Maan- enough Dev, how dare she insult you.

“Geet just leave from here” Dev said, seeing her still looking at Maan with the horrified expression and Meera’s tear-stricken and terrified face instantly flashed in front of him.

Not able to see Geet like that, which reminded him of Meera’s Dev walks back into his cabin followed by Maan.

“What is wrong with you Dev?” Maan asked, seeing him tensed.

“nothing is wrong with me bro and stop treating me like a baby…I am old enough to handle myself. Aap ne mujhe is kabil bana diya hai that I’m capable of looking after myself” Dev snapped back.

Maan- Deevvv

Dev- No bro, no… I can handle myself and I can handle my problems, too. You don’t always have to come and stand for me.

Dev in his frustration didn’t’ realize what he was saying and to whom he was saying. Whereas, with each and every word coming out of Dev’s mouth, Maan felt like someone brutally stabbed him. Suddenly he again felt that he was alive and going through the torments he had once felt because of them. At the memory of his agony and the pain that followed, he thought the death may now finally come and embrace him, break-freeing him atlas from the promises he did.

But unfortunately no solace…no death came, just that his pain got deeper and when he couldn’t take it anymore, “Dev” he called out; wanting him to see what he was doing to him with his words, but Dev in his outrage and frustrations didn’t even bother to spare him one glance. “Please Bro…leave me alone…” He hollered and that was the last thing Maan wanted to hear from his baby brother when he felt the corner of his eyes burning. For a moment he just stood staring at him; all broken and shattered. Still, hoping this was all just another nightmare for him and his baby brother didn’t say all this to him, but sadly it wasn’t.

Facing his back to him, his hands on its own reached toward his eyes and felt the wetness on his hand. “Damn it,” he swore under his breath when he heard a clicking sound and stood glued to his spot realizing someone was coming. As the door open and met her eyes, he felt a great rush of sheer anger course through him looking at her.

“Si—” Geet opened her mouth to speak to him, but he just walked past her without giving her another glancing. She just turned with her mouth still opened and just stood to watch him dash out through the exits. “the clients are here” She finally managed to say what she had come for, seeing him disappear in between his bodyguards as they rush behind him and surrounded him.

“Sorry gentleman, there was an emergency, therefore, Mr. Maan Khurana had to leave and I will be attending this meeting on behalf of him,” said Dev as he settled himself and started the meeting.

“Did you find out where is He, Adi sir?” asked Geet, worriedly.

Adi- umm yes, he is at Taj hotel, attending the meeting with Mr. Motwani.

Geet- why would he go there so early?

Adi- no…no he just reached there.

Geet- umm…

Adi- As dev sir said, something might have happened, that’s why he had left without attending the meeting” said Adi, assuring her.

Geet- umm.

But she knew it wasn’t anything related to an emergency that had him leave the office without attending the meeting, it was Dev’s words that must have made him leave the office.

Accidentally, she had heard every bit of their conversation when she had gone to call him for the meeting and was able to feel the pain when he called out Dev’s name. Sadly, Dev didn’t seem to realize this and just went on- on with whatever he had to say to him.

“Geet forget all this and concentrate on tonight’s launch party” Geet chide herself, reminding herself to concentrate on her work only and not get off-track and from the last time encounter, she knew it was better for her to stay out of the brothers/Khurana’s matters.

Geet who was working on files for today’s launch party meeting gets startled by the sudden sound on the doorway as Dev barge into her cabin and asks “Where is Bro?”

Geet just gave him a confused look before she said “how am I suppose to know where he is”

Dev- you are his secretary; he must have informed you about his whereabouts.

Geet- acha aisa kya…but I haven’t seen him ever sharing anything to me or anyone about his personal life issue and I’m assuming, you must be aware of this characteristic of his too. Hain na dev.

Dev- what are you trying to say?

Geet- there is a saying Dev, some people never learn from their mistakes and you are one of them.

“Geeeeet” Dev yelled.

Geet- chilao mat Dev…chilana mujhe bhi ata hai

Dev- you’re crossing your limit now Geet.

Geet- really…but have you ever thought about your limits and how much you have hurt others. First, it was Meera, whom you caused so much pain by caging her with you on the name of love and now your own brothers.

Dev- I haven’t hurt bro.

Geet- really…but from what I heard and saw on his face, it clearly displayed he was hurt.

“I-have-not-hurt-my-bro-or anyone,” Dev said in a loud but monotonous voice, as if he was disagreeing to all the allegation she accused him with.

Geet- your yelling won’t change the facts Dev. You have not only hurt Meera, but have also hurt the person who sacrificed his whole life for you and what did you give him in return today? Nothing…nothing but pain Dev… How could you say all those things to him Dev…how could you tell him to stop treating you like a baby and you can handle your problem on your own, when all he cares and live for is you, Dev. Jahan tak Daadima ne mujhe bataya hai that man from his childhood has only lived his life in taking care of you so that no one dares to hurt you…he has made you his life…with whom he lives for, cries for, and fights for. Then how can you tell him to stop caring for you? Tell me one thing Dev, can you really handle yourself without him, without his support, without his guidance…are you really capable of looking after your needs and yourself…” and she paused for a moment, seeing his face lose all the expression before continuing “Then how could you say all those things to him Dev”

At first, Dev didn’t understand what she was trying to say to him, but soon his face turned pale and stiff. His eyes suddenly seem to grow huge as he realized what he has done in his anger. Dev lets out a regretful whisper, “brooo” before vanishing away from Geet sight.

Pre-cap: Party + another attack on Geet

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